A CD with timeless Swedish and Norwegian folk music with
Peter Puma Hedlund, key fiddler (nyckelharpa) &
Øystein Sandbukt, guitar

Peter ”Puma” Hedlund is one of Sweden´s most gifted and well-known folk musicians. He plays the traditional Swedish instrument “nyckelharpa”, i.e. key harp. On that very special instrument he may very well by one the best in the world. In 2010 he received the Zorn Gold Medal for his “masterly and brilliant musicianship in the traditional vein”.

Peter´s music is a splendid example of a continuous tradition, a link between yesterday, today and tomorrow. His deep, strong sound reminds us of times gone bye and his way of performing is so full of ornamentations that you often think there is more than one man playing. His teachers and sources of inspiration have been the old masters, primarily the legendary Eric Sahlström.

Peter has continuously widened the possibilities to express himself on his particular instrument. He also writes his own tunes which have been very popular and played by many of his colleagues in the folk music field. It is also thanks to Peter that the key harp now is popular again after being in the background during the 40´s and 50´s. The “nyckelharpa” is nowadays being played all over the world, not least in Japan and the USA.

Øystein Sandbukt is playing acoustic guitar which is something rather unusual among Scandinavian folk musicians. He has a master examination on “Traditional Arts”, mainly on tunes connected with Norwegian folk musician Erik Almhjell from Sunndal.

Øystein has learned to play folk music by studying and analyzing filed recordings by his predecessors. He has tried to copy traditional violin tunes as close to the original as possible on his guitar and then complete them harmonically. As one of probably rather few musicians to work like that he has created a very individual way of expressing himself. A genuine folk musician on guitar!

Øystein has released one solo album with folk music on acoustic guitar /”Normör”). That cd was nominated for “Spelemannprisen” (the Norwegian Grammy). He has also composed his own music, for television for instance. Together with Peter he has also made many tours that have attracted much attention. 

This is the first time you have the possibility to listen to Peter and Øystein together on record

Vax Records CD 1043 Pris: 179:- inkl porto

1. 1814 3´46
trad, efter Edward Andersson)

2. Skinntufsa 2´45
(trad, efter Erik Almhjell)

3. Surpolskan 2´14
(Peter Hedlund) Manus

4. Polska efter Eric Sahlström 2´27

5. Disapolskan 1´34
(Anders Bohlin)

6. Fläckpolskan 2´35
(Peter Hedlund) Manus

7. Neådalingen 2´30
(trad, efter Hallvard Ørsal)

8. Pojkarna Hedlund 2´14
(Peter Hedlund) Manus

9. Dagsmarsj 4´45
(Øystein Sandbukt) Manus

11. Två-och-en-halv 2´18
(Peter Hedlund) Manus

10. Senpolska 2´26
(trad, efter Eric Sahlström)

14. Örebropolskan 2´46
(Eric Sahlström)

13. Ödetorpsvalsen 2´25

12. Eklundapolska nr 2, 2´41
(Leonard "Viksta-Lasse" Larsson) Manus

15. Meistervals 2´24
(Per Bolstad) Norsk Musikforlag AS

16. Tidlösa valsen 3´33
(Peter Hedlund) Manus

All arrangements Peter Hedlund & Øystein Sandbukt
Mats Andersson, piano and accordion (1, 3, 8, 16)
Photos: Lena Karlsson
English translation: Jan "Jolson" Olsson
Graphic Design: Petra Ahston Inkapööl www.ahstondesign.se
Recording, editing and mastering: Per Hallgren www.konfonium.se
Producer: Lasse Zackrisson